Fall 2016 Edition

The only thing better than enjoying a finished project is the feeling that comes from knowing you did it yourself. So dive in, get those creative juices flowing, and when you're ready to start your next home project, drop by your local TIMBER MART. We've got the tools, materials, and friendly, knowledgeable advice to help.

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In This Issue:

5 Reasons to Build Your Shed or Garage
Ultimate Outdoor Theatre
Quick Solutions to Refresh Any Home

5 Reasons to Build
Your Shed or Garage

A handsome, solidly constructed garage or shed is a great addition to any property. It provides valuable storage space, allows you to enjoy your hobbies in comfort, and can even increase the value of your home.

Did we mention your neighbours would be really jealous?

Are you ready to stop dreaming and start making this a reality? Here are five reasons you should get started on the shed or garage you’ve always wanted...

You can build it yourself or hire local experts to come in and take over. Our TIMBER MART plan customization service can provide you with exactly what you had in mind. Whether you’re building it on your own or with help, a little sweat equity and our detailed plans, will see you through. We’ll get you set up with exactly what you need, from the plans to the materials. (You can earn AIR MILES® reward miles on your purchase, and we have a TIMBER MART credit card that makes financing easy and inexpensive.)

You’ll gain valuable storage. Garages are for more than just vehicles and sheds are for a lot more than a potting bench - they’re powerhouses when it comes to storing and organizing your family’s gear, especially now that so many homes have fully-finished basements. Think about what you’d do with those closets once you could clear the boxes out to your new garage or shed...

It’s fully customizable. Need a long storage space for your family’s ski collection? Done. What about a drive-in spot for the lawn tractor? No problem. Lots of windows to let the sun shine in while you’re working? You’ve got it. From the flooring to the roof and everything in between, we’ll show you how to get exactly the shed or garage you’ve been envisioning.

You can make it your haven. Whether you like to garden, tinker with engines, do a little woodworking or brew craft beer, you can design a space that works for exactly how you plan to use it. It can be more than just a bit of extra living and storage space - it can be a place you go to relax and unwind.

You’ve got a friend in us. From the plans and materials to friendly advice and help along the way, your pals at TIMBER MART will be along for the ride. Our knowledgeable team members are always available if you have questions while you’re working on your new shed or garage. Don’t forget to stop by with an “after” picture so we can see the finished product - that’s our favourite part!

Now is the time to get started on the garage or shed you’ve been plotting for years.

Ultimate Outdoor Theatre

This has to be the ultimate of the bros' DIY cottage projects — an outdoor theatre that is portable, can be hidden when not in use, is protected from the elements, can function as a music system when not being used to watch movies, and above all, is easy to set up and take down.

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Thinking about starting
your next project?

Visit your local TIMBER MART and chat with our experts. From the biggest renos to the smallest
details, we have all the right tools and advice to make sure your next project is perfect...

Quick Solutions
To Refresh Any Room

Swap older hardware for an instant makeover

Swapping out hardware is one of the simplest pages in the DIY playbook but it
also has one of the highest returns on investment, so what are you waiting for?

Here are five spots in your home that could be instantly upgraded with new hardware:


Homeowners will repaint and redecorate their entire kitchen, and often the only thing that remains is... the totally dated hardware on the cabinets and drawers. Hardware goes through style cycles just like everything else, and nothing dates a kitchen faster than ’80s-style plastic drawer pulls or ’90s wooden knobs.

Along with, ahem, looking much better, new hardware in the kitchen can also make it a safer space for every member of the family. Elderly parents may struggle to grip older styles, and there are even new lines of hardware with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to reduce the spread of germs.


These are one of the spots where hardware tends to hang around longer than it’s welcome because, well, you just don’t really think about it much. But your bathrooms deserve great hardware, too - and it’s less costly than outfitting a larger room like a kitchen.

Even if replacing, resurfacing or repainting your cabinets isn’t an option right now, swapping out the hardware can dramatically change the look and feel of the space. See how you like the look of a darker knob for contrast against light cabinets, or check out different shapes and sizes - like oversized cup pulls or T-shaped knobs.


We talk a lot about the importance of painting your front door an awesome colour for curb appeal and adding the perfect hardware. But don’t forget about your interior doors! Are they still rocking dented, dinged-up metal knobs from decades past? Treat them to an upgrade or swap the door out completely for a sliding barn-style door with rustic hardware, like this one from Richelieu.


No offense, but just because your dresser came from the furniture store with a set of plain round knobs doesn’t mean that’s the best look, right? What if you swapped them for hardware that made your heart sing, like antique-style drop pulls or ring pulls? Ultra-modern mirror door pulls or edge pulls? Or Swarovski Crystal knobs that sparkle in the lamplight?


Having the right tools for the job makes everything easier, and your closet’s job is to store your stuff in the most attractive, and efficient way possible. Take inventory and see what types of hardware could help you tame the contents, whether it’s a scarf organizer, valet rod, drawers for organizing jewellery or decorative hooks.

Looking for specific hardware upgrades or more ideas? Be sure to ask us and we’ll share our best tips!