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Onward HANGMAN Hanging Solutions
Taking a Closer Look at Nine LePage® Products


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We’ve all struggled with faulty drawers that get jammed, wobble, sag, only open half-way, or fall off their tracks. It’s frustrating because a drawer literally has one job: to slide open! Why, exactly, is that so hard for some of them?

When you take a closer look, of course, many drawers are poorly-made -- flimsy presswood rectangles secured by plastic sliders that can’t bear much weight. It’s no wonder, really, that the $40 dresser in your dorm room fell apart in a month.

When you grow up, you start appreciating things you never noticed in your younger years -- like countertops, light fixtures, and sturdy drawers that glide out effortlessly and retract gently when you’re finished with them.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet, or garage, it’s important to choose the right storage solution.

Drawers have the good sense to stack neatly -- like a bookcase -- but provide the tidy, concealed storage of a cabinet. It’s easy to customize the depth according to what you’re storing, and then go a step further with inserts to keep small items divided.

But not all drawer slides are created equally. And since drawers are opened and closed frequently, you want to choose high-quality, durable hardware that’s going to last.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re shopping ...

What will you be storing in the drawers?

If your drawer slide can’t support the weight, you run the risk of it collapsing -- possibly onto your foot, ouch. Check the product information section to see the load capacity of the slide before you buy it. We like Blum’s MOVENTO system with a standard duty static load capacity of 125 lb (170 lbs for heavy duty).

How far do you want the drawers to extend?

When a drawer has the right support, it can glide far out into the room without quivering or buckling. Blum manufactures concealed full-extension drawer slides with lubricated synthetic rollers to ensure your drawer slides effortlessly.

How should the drawer close?

Do you have little children prone to jamming their fingers, or teens who tend to slam around the kitchen while they fix themselves a snack? It sounds like you’d benefit from Blum’s unmatched “soft close” feature. Are drawers always left open at your house? Blum also has drawer systems with spring-loaded self-closing action.

The first time you open that drawer, you’re going to swoon over how easily it glides. In fact, you might want to just keep standing there for a while -- opening and closing it with a big smile on your face.


Richelieu makes it easier to install knobs and pulls

When you need to drill holes for hardware in a brand-new cabinet or drawer, it can feel like you’re trying to crack a safe on a time limit. What if you make a mistake?!

Instead of winging it, pick up Richelieu’s knob and pull drilling template kit. It’s the perfect way to ensure you’re centering your hardware -- without sweating bullets about making a mistake. Use it for your next cabinet or drawer project, and you’ll feel confident when it’s time to drill those holes!

Onward HANGMAN Hanging Solutions

Do you have a few things you need to hang around the house? Perhaps some frames for a gallery wall? Your TV? A new plant hanger? Check out Onward's Hangman Program!

Woodworking wonders

Taking a closer look at nine LePage® products

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Any woodworker worth their mitre saw knows that you need the right tools to do a job properly.

You might be comfortable comparing different types of wood and selecting the one you want, or debating the merits of various screws, but what about wood glues and fillers?

Do you really read the labels and choose the one that’s ideal for your particular project, or do you just go on autopilot and buy the same tube each time? What if there was another product that would make your job much easier, or give you better results for years to come?

If you’ve ever found yourself standing in an aisle staring at the many, many varieties of wood glue and wood filler, this one’s for you ...

LePage® Pro Carpenter’s Glue

This is the yellow glue you might think of when you hear “wood glue.” That’s because carpenters have been relying on it for decades. It grips faster and easier than the white glues and dries to a tough, light yellow bond that resists humidity.

When you should use it:

It’s great for just about any indoor woodworking project. It blends nicely with pine, but you can sand it and paint it, too.

LePage® Express Quick Dry Wood Glue

This one’s very similar to the LePage® Pro Carpenter’s Glue, except it’s going to dry a lot faster -- within 10 minutes.

When you should use it:

When you’re gluing something complex with multiple pieces of wood.

LePage® No More Clamp™ Wood Glue

This is the first instant-hold liquid wood glue that eliminates the need for clamps. It has an instant hold and it’s repositionable for 10 minutes. Use it for wood, ceramic, brick, stone and most plastics, but it’s not meant to stand up to continuous water immersion.

When you should use it:

If you need a lightning-fast bond that’s not necessarily between two pieces of wood.

LePage® Multi-Purpose White Glue

It’s a little slower to dry than the carpenter glue, so you can reposition and realign your pieces during the clamping process if you didn’t get it quite right the first time. It’s serious stuff and will create a bond that’s even stronger than the wood itself.

When you should use it:

If you think you need some extra time positioning your pieces, or you want glue that dries with a white finish.

LePage® Polyurethane Glue

This super-strong adhesive is for more than just wood. It can bond virtually all materials -- wood, stone, metal, ceramic, glass, foam -- and provide a tough, weatherproof hold.

When you should use it:

If you need a waterproof bond between materials other than just wood.

LePage® Tinted Wood Filler

Choose the pre-tinted colour that matches your wood and start spreading this buttery paste into cracks, holes and imperfections. You can sand it, stain it, paint it, varnish it and even drill, nail or screw it.

When you should use it:

If you’re filling cracks/holes in interior wood that’s not going to be exposed to water or moisture.

LePage® Interior/Exterior Wood Filler

For filling holes or cracks on wood that’s going to be outdoors -- or exposed to water -- you’ll want to choose this interior/exterior weatherproof wood filler. It doesn’t come in different shades, but the light tan colour blends with most light-coloured wood.

When you should use it:

If you’re filling cracks/holes in exterior wood or interior wood that’s going to be exposed to a bit of moisture.

LePage® Plastic Wood

Wood fillers don’t take on the natural appearance of wood, so certain projects might call for the texture of LePage® Plastic Wood. It contains natural wood fibres so it looks more like real wood, and the light tan finish can be sanded and stained to blend in nicely.

When you should use it:

If you’re filling cracks/holes in interior or exterior wood and want the areas to look as natural as possible.

LePage® Outdoor Weatherproof Wood Glue

This interior/exterior glue is designed for projects with occasional weather exposure or projects that need a protective coating for a bit of water resistance. It dries to a translucent brown that blends with most woods, or you can sand it and paint it.

When you should use it:

This one’s great for patio tables and chairs, birdhouses, doghouses, mailboxes, countertops, window sills and floating hardwood flooring. Anything that might be exposed to weather and/or moisture.

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