Spring 2017 Edition

The only thing better than enjoying a finished project is the feeling that comes from knowing you did it yourself. So dive in, get those creative juices flowing, and when you're ready to start your next home project, drop by your local TIMBER MART. We've got the tools, materials, and friendly, knowledgeable advice to help.

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Discover the beauty of Outdoor Accents®
TIMBER MART 50th Anniversary
Embracing the cordless revolution

Discover the beauty of Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware

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You wouldn’t build a new deck using leftover scrap lumber, so why put hours and hours of work into a project only to be left looking at rusted screws, bent nails and clumsily attached corners?

You might not think anyone’s looking too closely, but the details really do matter. The right outdoor hardware can make or break your project in terms of structural integrity as well as appearance.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular outdoor projects and how choosing the right decorative hardware can make all the difference.


Pergolas are a little piece of heaven right in your own backyard. You get to sit outdoors in the sun and breathe in the fresh air, but you also get a bit of protection from those UV rays.

When you’re building your own backyard pergola, be sure to use Outdoor Accents® APA 90° angles to secure the beams together. They’re solid steel, flat black and much stronger than using angled nails or screws, so your pergola will last for years and years.

A smart way to reduce your installation time is by using screws that don’t require you to predrill every single hole. The Outdoor Accents® Connector Screw is specifically designed for use with the APA 90° angle hardware.

These screws are made from heat-treated carbon steel to make them the strongest, most durable option for your new pergola.


More and more Canadians are building their own backyard swings but they’re not always sure how to build a solid, durable swing that will stand up to a lot of daily use.

Here’s a hint: whenever you have two pieces of lumber intersecting at a 90° angle, you’ll want the strength of an Outdoor Accents® APT T strap or APL L strap. These 12-gauge steel connectors are easy to install with Outdoor Accents® Structural Screws and Hex-Head Washers and will give you total confidence in your new swing.


These private hideaways are just right for the middle of your garden, tucked in the trees behind your home, or perched above the field at the edge of your property. With seats, shade and a gorgeous view, a gazebo just might be the perfect summer oasis.

In order to make sure your gazebo can stand up to high winds – and the picky standards of your local building inspector – you’ll want to use Outdoor Accents® APB adjustable post bases. They’ll secure the posts while also keeping them 1" off the concrete to help avoid post rot caused by moisture. When you install them with the Outdoor Accents® Structural Wood Screws and Hex-Head Washers, you get a classic look you’ll love for years to come.


A deck might be the biggest outdoor project you’ll ever tackle, and it’s critical to get it right the first time. Whether your deck is high above the ground or just a few inches, you need to make sure it’s a safe, sturdy structure where you can feel comfortable hosting parties and family dinners.

Trust the structural integrity of your deck to Outdoor Accents® APDJT deck joist ties. They’re constructed from solid 12-gauge steel, and they’ll firmly attach your joists to your support posts.

As beautiful as a backyard DIY project may be, nothing is more important than its structural integrity. With the Outdoor Accents® collection from Simpson Strong-Tie, you get to feel confident in the construction and also enjoy the beauty of each connector.

Stop by your local TIMBER MART dealer and start building!

Stop by your local TIMBER MART dealer and start building!

TIMBER MART 50th Anniversary

It's been a fantastic 50 years and we couldn't be happier celebrating our milestone anniversary with you all. We've made so many memories and grew to be a huge national family. Enjoy this video we've created to celebrate the achievement. Here's to 50 more years!

Embracing the cordless revolution

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Just like the idea of using a rotary phone is outdated, many Canadians are moving away from corded power tools.

When you’re working with cordless tools, you’re free to move around with ease -- no tangled extension cords getting stuck and limiting your movement. They’re powerful, efficient and you can count on them to get the job done.

Sometimes people are skeptical to trade their trusty corded model for something cordless, so today we’re breaking down the Top 5 myths about cordless tools ...


“There’s no point in bothering with a cordless drill when every other tool is going to have a cord.”

Your days of being tied to your workbench are limited, because you wouldn’t believe how many tools are going cordless these days.

Makita listened to their customers and put together a lineup of cordless gear that includes sliding compound mitre saws, circular saws, reciprocating saws, rotary hammers, impact drivers, planers, sanders and even vacuum cleaners.


“Cordless power tools have weak batteries and constantly need to be recharged.”

Today’s batteries are stronger and more long-lasting than ever. Makita chargers plug into any standard outlet and you can even get chargers that work in your vehicle. It takes seconds to swap out the one you’re using and click it back into the charger.

Even with a single battery, you wouldn’t be waiting long. Makita cordless tools have some of the fastest charge-times in the industry. Many batteries charge as quickly as 15 minutes, depending on their voltage.

And don’t worry about being left hanging when you’re right in the middle of a critical step in the project. Makita cordless tools have battery power warning lights so you always know when you’re getting low


“Each tool needs a different battery so you’re always forced to keep buying them.”

Nope. Makita knows it’s more convenient to stick to the same batteries and swap them between your tools. In fact, certain newer models will actually allow you to use two older batteries without a battery converter, so you’re not forced to buying a newer version.

You’re also going to be surprised when you experience the life-span of a Makita battery. Their cordless tools have a new and improved battery protection system that provides over-discharge, temperature and circuit protection for enhanced performance, battery cycle life and overall battery life.


“Cordless tools don’t have the same force of corded tools.”

That may have been true with the very first cordless tools, back when the idea of going cordless was brand new. But today’s cordless power tools have the strength to get through any job.

For example, Makita’s 1/2” cordless drill/driver has is made with metal gears and has 21 clutch settings to deliver more than 1,000 in. lbs of torque. This kind of power will rival any corded tools.


“Cordless tools are too clunky because of the big battery packs.”

In the past, the big complaint was that cordless tools were an extra workout for your wrists, arms and shoulders. The very first battery packs were heavy but the technology has come a long way since then.

Makita’s cordless hand tools have a compact design and a shorter body length making them easier to handle. They also have ergonomic soft rubber grips designed to absorb vibration and feel more comfortable in your hands.

hese cordless tools pack powerful motors for their weight and size.
Stop by your local TIMBER MART and join the cordless revolution.