Winter 2016 Edition

The only thing better than enjoying a finished project is the feeling that comes from knowing you did it yourself. So dive in, get those creative juices flowing, and when you're ready to start your next home project, drop by your local TIMBER MART. We've got the tools, materials, and friendly, knowledgeable advice to help.

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In This Issue:

Winter Window Check-in
The Ultimate Toboggan
Garage Plans
Build Your Own Rink

Your wintertime
window check-in

Older windows can lead to chilly drafts creeping into your home, not to mention letting the nice warm air escape into the yard. Foam weather stripping or caulking can cut down on the drafts, but the trouble could actually be due to an improper installation. Check with an expert to determine the real cause before shelling out for any products.

So what happens if the seal seems snug but it’s still freezing cold when you stand near the window? Well, the cold air might actually be flowing into the room through the panes.

Problems with condensation? A quick fix would be a dehumidifier or installing an air exchanger, but the ideal long-term investment is a set of high R-value, sealed dual-pane or tri-pane windows with argon gas -- the argon works to displace the air between the panels of the window.

Not all windows are designed to stand up to the same weather, and you may be trying to ride out a blizzard in windows that would be happier in a beachy climate. In order to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, you may want to install sealed dual-pane or tri-pane insulated glazing units.

So if it’s time to replace your windows, what are your options? Let’s run through them...

Vinyl windows

These budget-friendly windows use insulated glass and tight construction to prevent cold air from seeping inside, but have limited colour choices.

Wood windows

A quality wood window can last a long time, but they require the most upkeep and there’s a risk of rot if you live in a very humid or rainy climate.

Aluminum windows

These windows excel in wet climates – even hurricane areas! – and they’re extremely strong, but aren’t quite as good about keeping heat indoors.

Wood-clad windows

With a low-maintenance vinyl or aluminum exterior and an attractive wood interior, some homeowners believe these are the ideal window. There’s still a risk of rot in rainy climates, though it can be lowered with waterproof rubber membranes.

If you have questions about repairing or replacing your windows, ask us today and we’ll get you sorted out!

The Ultimate Toboggan

Old Man Winter has returned to the cottage and brothers Andrew and Kevin are hot on his heels for a weekend of frigid fun. Harkening back to yesteryear, the bros land on their weekend project: a toboggan designed to recapture some of their youth — but tricked out with adult amenities, including an ingenious contraption to take all the hard work out of getting rider and sled back up the hill. But as they soon find out, going up the hill in the Ultimate Toboggan isn't going to be the problem... it's coming back down in one piece!

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Timber Mart
Garage Plans

Imagine having a new garage to protect all of your tools and toys from the elements year round.
We have all the plans and materials to help you build a great garage. Make an inquiry today.

TBM 16' x 24'
Sq. Ft.: 384 sq. ft.

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TBM 20' x 24'
Sq. Ft.: 480 sq. ft.

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TBM 24' x 24'
Sq. Ft.: 576 sq. ft.

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Sq. Ft.: 720 sq. ft.

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How to build
your own rink

Materials Needed: Sub-zero temperatures, level surface, a border to contain water, and water!

Snow Base


  • 10-15 cm of snow
  • Shovel

Directions: Pack down snow so it is hard and level. Build up a dense low snow bank around perimeter of rink at least 30 cm high to contain flood water. Lightly soak your snow base and wait for it to freeze. Then, gradually add to your base over several days. (See flooding tips)

Bare Ground Base


Simple Rink Building Kit from TIMBER MART.


  • Rink liner (or a tarp large enough for your desired rink size play extra all around to wrap tarp on inside and outside of wooden border.
  • Wooden border (frame) 2” by 8”.
  • Extra lumber, brackets and screws to assemble frame. (Build brackets on outside edge of rink frame).

Directions: Assemble frame on clean ground. Lay tarp over the frame and tuck the material firmly into the corners and inside edge of frame. Fold remaining tarp up and over the frame and nail to outside edge. Flood the rink. (See flooding tips).

Flooding tips

  • A garden hose nozzle set of spray allows for greater control.
  • A lawn sprinkler can be set up and left for a while. Don't forget to re-position it!
  • If you have an incline, start at the top of the hill!
  • Too much water at once results in splintered ice. Build a foundation and add slowly.
  • Experiment with using warm and cold water. A nice hot water bath on the final crust helps smooth the surface.
  • Remember to bring the hose inside when not in use!
  • Specialized rink-surfacing tools that attach to a garden hose can be found online or at hardware stores.

Happy Rink-Building!